[R] path for source()

Vladimir Eremeev wl2776 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 09:45:51 CET 2007

Here is the discussion about the function search.path()
which searches the PATH variable for your script and returns the full path.

You also can put your script contents in functions, then create a package
and load it with library(). 
package.skeleton() can help you.

Anyway, source()'ing every time does not seem to be a good idea, because
every time you do this you obtain one more copy of your functions and
variables in the newly created workspace.
If you don't want to create a package, you can save your functions in a file
with the .Rdata extension and attach that file.

Try going here
https://www.stat.math.ethz.ch/pipermail/r-help/2004-July/thread.html and
searching "source()" in the page (i.e. in message headers). I believe,
discussions could provide you with several more good ideas.

colliera wrote:
> i have a couple of .R files distributed about my file system. i commonly
> source() these from other files, but i have to include the full file path.
> this is not always convenient if you move files around. is there a way of
> setting the search path for source()?

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