[R] [R-pkgs] New packages: contrast and desirability

Kuhn, Max Max.Kuhn at pfizer.com
Fri Apr 27 16:31:01 CEST 2007

The contrast and desirability packages are available for all platforms
at cran.r-project.org (and coming soon to a mirror near you).

The contrast package extends Frank Harrell's contrast.Design function
for one degree of freedom contrasts of model parameters to other types
of models, such as lm, glm, lme, gls and geese models. Fold-changes are
also calculated for all contrasts. There is a package vignette that
shows examples for a basic two-way layout and a design with repeated

The desirability package contains S3 classes for multivariate
optimization using the desirability function approach of Harrington
(1965) using the functional forms described by Derringer and Suich
(1980). There are functions for maximization, minimization, hitting a
target, box constraints and a function for creating arbitrarily shaped
desirability equations. There is also a package vignette that shows an
example of a multi-response surface experiment. 

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