[R] Example of mcmcsamp() failing with lmer() output

Michael Kubovy kubovy at virginia.edu
Fri Apr 27 18:58:30 CEST 2007


I would appreciate help with the following model

gunload <- read.table(hh('datasets/gunload.dat'), header = T)
gunload$method <- factor(gunload$method, labels = c('new', 'old'))
gunload$physique <- factor(gunload$group, labels = c('slight',  
'average', 'heavy'))
gunload$team9 <- factor(rep(1:9, each = 2))

This is a split plot design with randomly selected teams for each  
physique, which was crossed with two methods.

Following the Oats example in chap. 1 of MEMSS, and adapting to lmer:

gl.lmer <- lmer(rounds ~ method * physique + (1 | physique/team),  
data = gunload)
lmer runs as expected, but mcmcsamp() gives:
Error: Leading minor of order 1 in downdated X'X is not positive  
Error in t(.Call(mer_MCMCsamp, object, saveb, n, trans, verbose,  
deviance)) :
	error in evaluating the argument 'x' in selecting a method for  
function 't'

I tried:

gl.lme <- lme(rounds ~ method * physique, random = ~1 | physique/ 
team, data = gunload)
which gave all the expected output except that two p-values were NaN.

Which aspect of the data is making the simulation fail, and is there  
anything to be done about it?

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