[R] chi square problem

Daniel Fodor fo_dani at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 23 16:43:34 CEST 2007

   Dear all,

   I  have a problem that I could not solve neither with spss nor with R.
   Please,  excuse  me  if it is atrivial question but I did not find any

   I  have  the followig practical problem: we a product that has A, B, C
   effects  (we  differentiated  about  30) on health and we want to know
   whether  these effects are  associated  with  its  physical properties
   (shape,  size,  color).  We  listed  all  these  30  effects that were
   important  for  us and the subjects received a list of photos in which
   the  product was indicated in different size and color etc. There were
   20 possiblities. The subjects had to order one of these photos to each
   effect in the list.

   If  I  make a chi-square test it says only that there is a significant
   effect. I  also  want to know which property or properties caused this
   significant effect in the deviation from expected frequency.

   I would appreciate your help.


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