[R] is there a function to give significance to correlation?

Jenny Barnes jmb at mssl.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Apr 19 13:48:50 CEST 2007

Dear R-Help,

I am trying to find a function that will give me the significance of the 
correlation of 2 variables (in the same dimension arrays) correcting for serial 

How can I view the function cor.test's code? I would like to know a lot more 
detail about the function than written in the documentation at
to see if this would do the job?

I would gratefully appreciate any help you can offer me on these two interlinked 

Many thanks for your time and consideration,


PS. If you would like more detail I have two arrays both of dimensions 
[31,31,43]. 31x31 is latitude and longitude, 43 is years of rainfall data. I 
have produced a spearmans rank correlation map of these 2 arrays over this 43 
year period. I now need to find the significance for each of the 31x31 grid 

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