[R] Memory increase in R

Hong Su An anhong at msu.edu
Wed Apr 18 21:20:26 CEST 2007

Dear All: 

Pleas help me to increase the memory in R. 

I am trying to make euclidean distance matrix.
The number of low in data is 500,000. Therefore, the dimension of euclidean 
distance matrix is 500,000*500,000. 

When I run the data in R. R could not make distance matrix because of memory 
allocation problem. 

In order increase memory, I read the FAQ and follow the instruction as 

You may also set the amount of available memory manually. Close R, then 
right-click on your R program icon (the icon on your desktop or in your 
programs directory). Select ``Properties'', and then select the ``Shortcut'' 
tab. Look for the ``Target'' field and after the closing quotes around the 
location of the R executible, add 


It does not work.
I have tried other computers in also does not work. 


When I add the --max-mem-size=3Gb in Target field. There is error like as 

“The name "C:\Documents and Settings\Hong Su An\My 
Documents\R\R-2.4.1\bin\Rgui.exe"--max-mem-size=1024M specified in the 
Target box is not valid” 

I use R2.4.1. in window xp with sp2 and 4Gb RAM. 

Have a nice day. 

Hong Su An.
anhong at msu.eud

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