[R] importing excel-file

Gabor Csardi csardi at rmki.kfki.hu
Wed Apr 18 19:58:03 CEST 2007

On Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 03:51:35PM -0200, Alberto Monteiro wrote:
> Gabor Csardi wrote:
> >
> > There is also a read.xls command in package gdata, it seems that it uses
> > a perl script called 'xls2csv'. I've have no idea how good this is,
> > never tried it.
> > 
> > Btw, xlsReadWrite is Windows-only, so you can use it only if 
> > you use windows.
> > 
> Ok, but who would be insane enough to use Excel in Linux or Mac? :-)

Personally i don't use excel on anything, but receive data in Excel
file occasionally. I opened them in openoffice.org and saved them in csv,
but just learned that there are quicker solutions, directly from R.
So this is useful piece of information. Perhaps not _very_ useful.
But you can't deny it's information. :)


> Alberto Monteiro

Csardi Gabor <csardi at rmki.kfki.hu>    MTA RMKI, ELTE TTK

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