[R] Hotelling T-Squared vs Two-Factor Anova

Sean Scanlan sscanlan at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 15 02:38:14 CEST 2007


I am a graduate student at Stanford University and I have a general
statistics question.  What exactly is the difference between doing a
two-factor repeated measures ANOVA and a Hotelling T-squared test for
a paired comparison of mean vectors?


Anova: repeated measures on both factors, 1st factor = two different
treatments, 2nd factor = 4 time points, where you are measuring the
blood pressure at each of the time points.

Hotelling T^2: You look at the difference in the 4x1 vector of blood
pressure measurements for the two different treatments, where the four
rows in the vector are the four time points.

I am mainly interested in the main effects of the two treatments.  Can
someone please explain if there would be a difference in the two
methods or any advantage in using one over the other?


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