[R] nlm() and optim()

Bert Gunter gunter.berton at gene.com
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Numerical optimization is sensitive to (at least) the method chosen,
control/convergence specifications, and the parameterization of the function
being optimized (all of this is well known). Defining what you mean by
"reproduce" in a precise, operational way is therefore essential. You have
not done so. For example, if it is the negative (ln)likelihood of a
statistical model that is being minimized, if the model is overparametrized
so that there are near identifiability issues,the confidence region for the
parameters will essentially be a (possibly quite irregular)lower dimensional
subspace (submanifold) of the full parameter space. Would you say that
results "reproduce " if they fall within this confidence region, even though
they may be quite different than the estimated minima? Issues with possibly
multiple local minima also complicate matters.

Bottom line: Determining when you have"reproduced" results from complex
modelling that rely on numerical optimization for model fitting can be
difficult. Careful and parsimonious modelling is vital.

Bert Gunter
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Dear R-users,

I have just joint the list and much appreciate any thoughts on 2 issues.

Firstly, I want to reproduce some minimization results conducted in MATLAB.
I have suceeded with nlm and optim-method CG. I have been told that I should
get also with other optim methods. Actually, I found the same results when
testing a very straightforward equation. However with a more complicated
model it was not true. It is realy possible? Have I got it by chance in the
simple case?

Secondly, in order to check which optimization is more suitable for our
study, I would like to have the value of the minimized parameters on each
iteration to later plot a "likelihood surface". However, for both nlm and
optim, I could only keep the last iteration results. Is there a way to
store/record the minimized values for each iteration? 

Sorry if these questions are reocuring. I have been searching for hints but
did not get too far and I am fairly new to R.

Comments and examples are most  welcome.
Silvia Hadeler

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