[R] How to solve differential equations with a delay (time lag)?

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lsoda does not solve delay differential equations, which is what you
need to be able to do.  A quick search on netlib (netlib.org) turned up
one match for "delay differential equations": ode/ddverk.f, which might
help (though not in R).

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I would like to solve a system of coupled ordinary differential
where there is a delay (time lag) term.  I would like to use the "lsoda"
function "odesolve" package.  However, I am not sure how to specify the
delay term using the syntax allowed by odesolve.

Here is an example of the kind of problem that I am trying to solve:

> library(odesolve)

yprime <- function(t, y, p) {  # this function

yd1 <- p["k1"] *(t <= p["T"]) - p["k2"] * y[2]

yd2 <- p["k3"] * y[1](t - p["delay"]) - p["k4"] * y[2]  # this is not
syntactically valid, but it is what I would like to do



times <- seq(0,30,by=0.1)

y0 <- c(0,0)

parms <- c(k1=0.7, k2=0.5, k3=0.2, k4=0.8, T=10, delay=5)

Is there a way to incorporate delay in odesolve?

Any hints would be much appreciated.




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