[R] Help with response CIs for lme

Michael Kubovy kubovy at virginia.edu
Mon Nov 27 03:07:07 CET 2006


Can someone please offer a procedure for going from CIs produced by  
intervals.lme() to fixed-effects response CIs.

Here's a simple example:

hsb.lme <- lme(mAch ~ minrty * sector, random = ~ 1 | cses, Hsb82)
(hsb.new <- data.frame
     minrty = rep(c('No', 'Yes'), 2),
     sector = rep(c('Public', 'Catholic'), each = 2)))
cbind(hsb.new, predict(hsb.lme, hsb.new, level = 0))

Is the following correct (I know from the previous command that the  
estimate is correct)?
cbind(hsb.new, rbind(hsb.int[[1]][1,], hsb.int[[1]][1,]+hsb.int[[1]] 
[2,], hsb.int[[1]][1,]+hsb.int[[1]][3,], hsb.int[[1]][1,]+hsb.int[[1]] 
[2,] + hsb.int[[1]][3,] + hsb.int[[1]][4,]))

If so, is there an easier way to write it?
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