[R] reaccessing array at a later date - trying to write it to file

Jenny Barnes jmb at mssl.ucl.ac.uk
Thu Nov 23 15:47:54 CET 2006

Thank you for your response Professor Ripley,

Having tried again your suggestion of load() worked (well - it finished, which I 
assume it meant it worked). However not I am confused as to how I can check it 
has worked. 
I typed
which called up the data from the file - but I'm not sure if this is data from 
the file I have just restored as in my "previously saved workspace restored" 
data.out is still there so if I typed data.out$data I wouldn't know if it was 
coming from the newly loaded file or from previously. Is there an alternative 
way to check it has loaded properly? Also, is it normal that if I type 
it says
Error: object "data.out.RData" not found

Here are my details:

platform       sparc-sun-solaris2.10     
arch           sparc                     
os             solaris2.10               
system         sparc, solaris2.10        
major          2                         
minor          3.1                       
year           2006                      
month          06                        
day            01                        
svn rev        38247                     
language       R                         
version.string Version 2.3.1 (2006-06-01)

My computer shouldn't have a problem with dealing with this data.

>On Thu, 23 Nov 2006, Jenny Barnes wrote:
>> Dear R-help community
>> I am trying to write an R object (data.out) to a file in order to re-access 
>> later and not have to re-load up the array with data every time. Here is the
>> form of data.out
>>> data.out <- list(lats=seq(88.542, -88.542, length=94),
>> 		  lons=seq(0, 360-1.875, length=192),
>> 		  date=vector(length=nyr*12),
>> 		  data=array(NA, c(nyr*12, 94*192))
>> )
>> I tried
>>> save(data.out, file="/home/jenny/data/data.out.RData", ascii=TRUE) and
>> combination of ways to re-access it but I couldn't reaccess it and therefore 
>> the data within.
>What stopped you re-accessing it?  I would use
>save(data.out, file="/home/jenny/data/data.out.RData")
>If that does not work, we need to see the transcript to (perhaps) 
>understand why (and all the usual details about your environment: it is 
>possible to save really large objects that you cannot restore on a 
>32-bit machine).
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