[R] strange R GUI crash

Gustaf Rydevik gustaf.rydevik at gmail.com
Tue Nov 21 09:12:45 CET 2006

Hi all,
I know I shouldn't really expect the following to work, but it
provokes a crash of the GUI on my computer (Win xp professional).

Version 2.3.1 (2006-06-01)

attached base packages:
[1] "methods"   "stats"     "graphics"  "grDevices" "utils"     "datasets"
[7] "base"
>test<-function(bla,foo){ bla+foo}
> test(5)
Error in test(5) : argument "foo" is missing, with no default

Enter a frame number, or 0 to exit

1: test(5)

Selection: 1
Called from: eval(expr, envir, enclos)
Browse[1]> Recall()

And here the  R GUI crashes, i.e a dialog pops up saying that R has
encountered an error and must close.
I'm not sure what I was thinking when calling Recall(), but I
shouldn't be punished this harshly for being stupid, methinks.



email:gustaf.rydevik at gmail.com
tel: +46(0)703051451
address: Kantorsgatan 50:190 75424 Uppsala Sweden

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