[R] Gantt chart problem after upgrade to R 2.4.0

Jim Lemon jim at bitwrit.com.au
Fri Nov 17 12:07:23 CET 2006

John Kane wrote:
> I am having a problem with a  gantt  chart since
> moving to R2.4.0. from 2.3.1
> I made some adaptations to the code from
> http://addictedtor.free.fr/graphiques/RGraphGallery.php?graph=74
> and successful produced a simple gantt chart.  However
> when I upgraded to 2.4.0 it no longer works as
> desired.  See
> http://ca.geocities.com/jrkrideau/R/gantproblem.pdf
> for the two charts. The charts were produced today
> using the same version of plotrix (installed on both
> versions of R today)
> System : Windows XP 
>  I am pretty new to R and especially to plotrix and I
> don't see what I am doing wrong.  I have tried to play
> around with the Ymd.format with no luck    Have I
> missed something in the upgrade notes? Can anyone
> suggest something? Thanks
Hi John,
I tried your code at home on a Linux system with R-2.3.1 and it seemed 
to work fine. Unfortunately, I can't try it on Windows until I get to 
work on Tuesday. I'll try to upgrade this box (I have been somewhat wary 
with all the things that seem to have gotten a bit bent) this weekend 
and try it again.


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