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I'm not sure I have understood your question. Anyway, it
seems to me that you'll have to code a little. Take a look
at ?modwt. I think you'll have to put zeros each scale a time
except the one you want to reconstruct. Then do imodwt.
After some small loop, I think you'll get the desired result.



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> Hi Rogerio:
>   Thks a lot. It works.
>   By the way, I have 2 related sides issues that need some help:
>   (1)  What I want to do is this
>   - do modwt on original time series
>   - do thresholding on wavelet coefficients
>   - obtain the inversed smoothed and detailed components of the original time series using the thesholded coefficients. How can this be done ?
>   mra accept the original time series as input.
>   imodwt rountine will give me the inversed transformed in the form of original time series, instead of separating them into detailed and smoothed component.  
>   (2) Is there a way to make R giving me error messages in English instead of Chinese so that I can communicate with others easily
>   Thks
> rdporto1 <rdporto1 at terra.com.br> ?:

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