[R] Import csv file

Peter Bolton peterboolton at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 15 16:15:46 CET 2006

I have some data stored into 2 separate csv file. 1 file (called A.csv) (12 results named Group1, Group2, Group3, etc...) odds ratios, 2 file (called B.csv) 12 corresponded errors.
How to import that data into R and make forest plot like I saw inside help file Rmeta and meta with included different font colors and names trough X and Y axis.
I know for meta libb
out <- metagen(name1,name2)

But I need for my data to look like this?
op <- par(lend="square", no.readonly=TRUE) 
a <- meta.MH(n.trt, n.ctrl, col.trt, col.ctrl, data=catheter, 
             names=Name, subset=c(13,6,5,3,7,12,4,11,1,8,10,2)) 
# angry fruit salad
metaplot(a$logOR, a$selogOR, nn=a$selogOR^-2, a$names, 
         summn=a$logMH, sumse=a$selogMH, sumnn=a$selogMH^-2,
         logeffect=TRUE, colors=meta.colors(box="magenta", 
             lines="blue", zero="red", summary="orange", 
par(op) # reset parameters 

Of course if someone have better idea to import data - not trough csv file no problem any format is OK - data frame or something else and to make forest plot ... no problem ... I need them on the forest plot.
Peter Boolton
MCA adcc..

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