[R] Why do I get a linebreak in the legend?

CG Pettersson cg.pettersson at evp.slu.se
Thu Nov 9 09:10:49 CET 2006

Dear all,

W2k, R2.4.0

I want to place a legend in a regression plot, stating the adjusted
R-square value. After some struggle with the coding I am nearly there, but
only nearly. The best try so far is:

legend("topleft", expression(paste(R[adj]^2), " = 0.66"))

This places the proper information in the legend, but I get a linebreak
before the "= 0.66" and I want the expression on one single line. All
adjustments from this code I have tried so far either produces only half
the expression or produces an error message.

All the best and sorry for a trivial quastion

CG Pettersson, MSci, PhD Stud.
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Dep. of Crop Production Ekology. Box 7043.
SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden
cg.pettersson at vpe.slu.se

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