[R] Repeated Measures MANOVA in R

A. Bolu Ajiboye a-ajiboye at northwestern.edu
Thu Nov 9 07:27:34 CET 2006

Can R do a repeated measures MANOVA and tell what dimensionality the statistical variance occupies?

I have been using MATLAB and SPSS to do my statistics.  MATLAB can do ANOVAs and MANOVAs.  When it performs a MANOVA, it returns a
parameter d that estimates the dimensionality in which the means lie.  It also returns a vector of p-values, where each p_n tests
the null hypothesis that the mean vectors lie in an n-1 dimensional space (0-D space implies same vector, 1-D space implies scaled
vectors that point in the same direction, etc...).  However, MATLAB does not do repeated measures MANOVA.  SPSS can do repeated
measures MANOVA but it does not return this dimension output.  Hence, I'm trying to find an environment that will allow me to do
repeated measures MANOVA and determine the dimensionality of the space, before I spend several weeks trying to learn it.

I know the dimensionality parameter is based upon the eigenvalues of the ratio of the different SSCP (sum of squares and cross
products) matrices, but a) I'm not sure how to calculate the SSCP matrices for repeated measures MANOVA, and b) once I get these
eigenvalues and convert them a Pillai-Bartlett or Wilk's-Lambda value, I don’t know how to convert to an f-statistic.

Does anybody know how to do this or has repeated measures MANOVA in R (while returning the dimensionality parameter)?  Thanks in
advance for your help.



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