[R] Install RMySQL with R 2.4.0

Frank McCown fmccown at cs.odu.edu
Wed Nov 8 23:52:57 CET 2006

Joe Byers wrote:
> All,
> After staring at this error message for an hour or so yesterday and this 
> morning.  I decided to try something else.  Low and behold trying to 
> build the package in cygwin causes R to try and build under linux/unix 
> not windows.  I went to the command prompt and was able to build the 
> package.
> Download the RMySQL...tar.gz file and unzip somewhere like drive:/projects
> Several notes
> 1.  make sure you have mysql directories on your computer somewhere with 
>   the subdirs of include, bin, and lib.  You can just copy these from 
> you actual server unless you want to install them.  I used d:/mysql/...
> 2.  Modify configure.win in RMySQL and Makevars.win ins RMySQL/src to 
> have the mysql directories from (1)
> 3.  Copy and paste this script to a batch file and execute
> **************
> Rem build without --docs=normal tries to build chm help on windows this 
> bombs
> Rem if a zip program not installed the zip file will not be built
> Rem go find the temp directory where R built the package and copy to 
> ../R/library
> Rem temp directory will look something like C:\Temp\Rinst32098657\RMySQL
> Rem if R bin directory in the path this will run otherwise add the 
> drive:\Dir1\R\bin to the command
> Rcmd build --binary \projects\RMySQL --docs=normal
> ***********************
> 4. Note that I have --docs=normal in the command line. This is needed to 
>   get the package built.  Windows packages now default to chm files and 
> RMySQL does not have any windows chm help files.  All txt, html, and 
> latex help are built with this option.
> 5.  I am not sure where the RMySQL...zip file is stored, I think in 
> ...R\Bin.  I just copied the files from the temp\RinstXXXXXX\to the 
> ...\R\library to install.
> This may or may  not work for you, it did for me.
> I will try and update my website www.cba.utulsa.edu/byersj Research and 
> Analytics section to include a link to the RMySQL zip file for others to 
> download.
> Good Luck
> Joe


Thanks for telling us how you got RMySQL installed.  Would you mind 
posting the dll files so the rest of us wouldn't have to recompile anything?


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