[R] multivariate splines

Tamas K Papp tpapp at Princeton.EDU
Tue Nov 7 04:45:51 CET 2006


I am looking for an R package that would calculate multivarite (mostly
2d and 3d, tensor) cubic interpolating splines, so that I could
evaluate these splines (and their derivatives) at many points (unkown
at the time of calculating the spline polynomials) repeatedly.

To make things concrete, I have an array V with

dim(V) = k

and gridpoint vectors grid=list(...), length(grid[[i]])==k[i], and
would like to get some representation of the spline convenient for
subsequent calculations.

I have looked at a few spline packages in R, but didn't find what I
was looking for.  Could somebody please point me in the right



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