[R] help went away from top emacs window :-(

Richard M. Heiberger rmh at temple.edu
Thu Nov 2 20:52:07 CET 2006

I agree with both Duncan and Martin.  With Duncan, that this is not
a Windows FAQ.  With Martin, that it is an FAQ.  I recommend that it
go on the R FAQ page, prior to the current 7.24.  Here is a draft of the
question and an outline of the answer.

7.24 Why does the help information, for example when I type "?lm",
  show up in (a browser window, an emacs buffer in its own frame, an
  emacs buffer in the same frame as *R*, in a Windows-style help window,
  in a new frame inside the Rgui window, in a new frame on the computer
  screen)?  I really want it in the (choose from the same list).

The answer includes at least the following:
On Windows, set options(chmhelp=TRUE/FALSE).
With Java, use help.start()
In emacs, set the emacs variable ess-help-frame

On the correct default for ESS, I am not sure for myself.
I can see a case both for help in emacs buffers and in the
chmhelp window.  This week I am tending to the chmhelp window,
even when on emacs.


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