[R] Compare linear regressios for significant differences of the slopes

Rainer M Krug RKrug at sun.ac.za
Wed Nov 1 17:31:20 CET 2006


I have (8 measures * 96 groups) = 768 datasets for which I did linear
regressions using lm().

Now I want to compare the slopes for each of the 8 measures in each of 
the 96 groups. As I understand , I can not use
> anova(lm1, ..., lm8)
as the lm1 ... lm8 are based on different datasets.

I also read in previous discussions in this list, that I can see if the 
slope +- stddev(slope) overlap, but this seems a long process for the 
huge number of comparisons.

Therefore my question: is there a way to compare the slopes of lm() 
which are based on different datasets and what is the easiest way to do
it for this large number of datasets?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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