[R] strange algorithm needed

Mark.Leeds at MorganStanley.com Mark.Leeds at MorganStanley.com
Wed Nov 1 15:36:39 CET 2006

i need a strange algorithm that i can easily do in a loop but need
o do without looping.

suppose i have a vector of length y filled with zeros and a number x.

then, i want a new vector which is (1,......x,1......x,1.....x,1.....y mod
x )

so if y was of length 17 and x was 3, the resultant vector should be


so basically , the algorithm should repeat seq(1,x) as many times as
needed to fill y but
then , if the last one doesn;'t fit perfectly, it should stop whenever it
hits the end of y ?

rep(seq(1:x,length(y)/x) will work when there is a perfect fit but
it can't handle the non fit cases. it just cuts
off the non integer part of length(y)/x and then fills the vector
do that the resultant vector is less than the length of y.


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