[R] [R-pkgs] rcompletion: TAB completion for the R command line

Alexandre Aguiar asaguiar at spsconsultoria.com
Wed Nov 1 04:06:33 CET 2006

Em Ter 31 Out 2006 19:43, Alexandre Aguiar escreveu:
> I've tried to compile rcompletion and perhaps have detected the reason for
> failures, although I haven't succeeded yet.

The solution is actually trivial:

1. set the environment variable LIBS to LIBS="-lcurses"
$ LIBS="-lcurses"
$ R
> install.packages("rcompletion")

2. change the line LIBS="-lreadline  $LIBS" in configure script to
LIBS="-lreadline -lcurses  $LIBS"
and then regenerate the tar.gz package.
$ R
> install.packages("rcompletion", repos=NULL)

During compilation the -lcurses option does not appear in the command lines, 
it seems necessary only during tests.

Haven't tested thoroughly but rcompletion seems to work fine.

Best wishes.


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