[R] correlating values

Ahamarshan jn ashgene at yahoo.co.in
Tue May 30 17:19:50 CEST 2006

  I did a correlation for the values 

-   EX4577  EX4599      EX4566	          EX4522
WL917	2.53528 0.79077 0.21499  -0.01084
WP429S	-0.192723715
WP819	-1.016997552
WP977	1.378674	-0.07071	0.625089	0.4728363
WI205S	-0.24443	-1.789526	0.648923	-0.775867

by using

i got the result as

- WL917	WP429S	WP819	WP977	WI205S
WL917	1	NA	NA	0.344	-0.11424
WP429S	NA	NA	NA	NA       NA
WP819	NA	NA	NA	NA       NA
WP977	0.34461	NA	NA	1       .23294
WI205S	-0.11424NA	NA	0.23294	1

i notice that 
for correlation between WP429S x wp429S the value is
given as NA where as it should be 1
same is the case with WP819 x WP819 

Can someone please help me reason out why this is
happening? and any corrective measure that I need to
take so that I can get the true value of 1 for them.

Thank you
- ash#

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