[R] OT: Monograph on Statistical Programming

Rau, Roland Rau at demogr.mpg.de
Mon May 29 15:37:17 CEST 2006

Dear all,

my question might be a bit off-topic.
Is there anything like a standard textbook on statistical programming?
With that I don't mean anything like MASS, S Programming, Programming
with Data, ... (no offense meant, they are fantastic books and each of
those three helped me a great deal).
Rather in the direction of the "Numerical Recipes" Series addressing how
to implement various functions.

There are bits and pieces all over the place (The Art of Computer
Programming, Numerical Recipes, Algorithms in ...(Sedgewick), etc.)...
But is there one book like "The Art of Statistical Programming"?
Maybe writing such a book could be impossible because the choice of
implementation language could be crucial and also the choice of
algorithms could be problematic.
Nevertheless I hope that someone dared to tackle such a project.


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