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kannaiah at bsd.uchicago.edu kannaiah at bsd.uchicago.edu
Sat May 20 00:35:05 CEST 2006


This is my first attempt at using R. Still trying to figure out and understand 
how to work with data frames.
I am trying to plot the following data(example). Some experimental data i am 
trying to plot here.

1) i have 2 files
2) First File:
	Number	Position	
	  1	120
	  2	134
	  3	156
	  4	169
          5	203
3) Second File:
	Col1 	Col2	p-val
	1	2 	0.45
	1	2	0.56
	2	3	0.56
	2	3	0.68
	2	3	0.88
	3	4	0.76
	3	5	0.79
	3	5	0.92

I am trying to plot this with "position" as x-axis and "p-val" as the y-axis.
The col1 and col2 in the second file correspond to the number column in first 

I am having trouble to figure out how to associate the col1 and col2 with 
their corresponding position values

The x-axis should start with 120 as that is the min value and next values 
should be spaced proportionally away from the
first. I tried using the percentage method to place them...but couldnt 
completely get it correct.

so it would look like :
	|   |        |    |          |
	120 134      156  169        203

Hopefully i explained it correctly.

i would like to plot the p-value as horizontal lines drawn between the col1 
and col2 values (ie: positions)
So, the plot will have as many horizontal lines as the rows in the second file.
And ONE reference horizontal line passing thru the plot at p-val=0.5, to see 
what values lie below that and what above it.

I have made some progress in plotting the horizontal axis, but having trouble 
bringing all the data together.Not sure yet how to 
manipulate them using the data frames:(

Any suggestions and tips will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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