[R] Problem with "make install" for R 2.3.0/Solaris 2.8

John Powell (NIH/CIT) [E] jip at helix.nih.gov
Wed May 17 15:21:55 CEST 2006

Building/Installing R 2.3.0 on under Solaris 2.8
"make install" fails in the "etc" directory with an "/bin/bash" error 
unexpected ";" token.  The following lines in the etc/Makefile appear 
to be the cause:

EXPORTFILES = # R.exp Rlapack.exp

@for f in $(EXPORTFILES); do \
    $(INSTALL_DATA) $${f} "$(rhome)/$(subdir)"; \

EXPORTFILES is an empty variable.  My "temporary" fix was to comment 
out the three lines above and repeat "make install".

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