[R] survival package - pspline

Birgit Rauchenschwandtner B.Rauchenschwandtner at gmx.at
Tue May 16 16:27:48 CEST 2006



I´m a statistic student in Austria and I have to do a survival analysis in R
by using psplines as regressor. My problem is that I sometimes (I think it
depends on the choose of the parameters) get a error message, but I do not
know what it means. After that I tried the procedure with an example dataset
R is providing. Although using the cancer dataset I also get this message.

Input: survreg(Surv(time, status) ~  pspline(age,degree=0,nterm=4), cancer)
Output: Fehler in if (!doing.well && old$half < 2) { : 
        Fehlender Wert, wo TRUE/FALSE nötig ist

I hope you can help me, Thanks

Birgit Rauchenschwandtner

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