[R] Fitting usual distributions.

Pair Pierre-Matthieu pmpair at softia.fr
Mon May 15 12:13:42 CEST 2006


I am currently writing a program whose goal is to fit usual 
distributions (estimating parameters and confidence intervals for a 
given distribution).

After some research in R, R-help and google I have found most of what I 
was looking for (especially thanks to MASS - fitdistr() ), however there 
are still a few distributions I could not find R code for: Multinormal, 
Truncated normal, Triangular, Uniform, Binomial, Multinomial.

If there are any packages to fit these, a pointer in the right direction 
would be most appreciated.


Pierre-Matthieu Pair,
Softia Ingénierie
pmpair at softia.fr

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