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The tkBrush function in the TeachingDemos package may help.  If you just
want to see where a selected point apears in each of the pairwise plots
based on selecting it in 1 plot then this function will do that for you
(note it depends on having installed the tcltk package as well).

If you need the index of a selected point then you can do something

out1 <- tkBrush(mydata)
# now select the point of interest, click to make the change persistent.

which(out1$col != 'black')  # this gives the observation (row) number

Hope this helps,

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Hi there, 
        I am having some trouble with the Identify() function,  it looks
that the identify() function only works on the plot of 2-dimension data
set.  In high-dimension case , if I use pairs() + identify() in hope to
observe all the components of the data point I selected, I get error
message.  Is there anyway to get around this ? Plus,  I also need it to
actually compare all the components of the picked data point with
"mydataset" to choose the closest one. 
        Thanks million in advance. 



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