[R] Package configure

Øystein Godøy o.godoy at met.no
Fri May 5 11:29:40 CEST 2006


I am probably doing something wrong, but have run out of ideas to check and 
have not found anything on the web.

I am building some R-packages accessing EUMETSAT NWCSAF PPS and EUMETSAT 
OSISAF HDF5 products. To ensure portability I have attempted to use autoconf. 
This is my first attempt to use autoconf and  followed the description within 
"Writing R-packages".

The problem is that when I run configure manually, it generates the Makevars 
file as requested. However, when I run it through the R interface as:

--with-hdf5=/disk1/hdf5lib-1p6p4" osisaf_0.1.tar.gz

it fails to substitute LDFLAGS. CPPFLAGS, CFLAGS and LIBS are working fine. 
Have anyone experienced similar trouble? Any help would be much appreciated.

Dr. Oystein Godoy
Norwegian Meteorological Institute 
Research and Development Department, Section for Remote Sensing
P.O.BOX 43, Blindern, N-0313 OSLO, Norway
Ph: (+47) 2296 3000 (switchb) 2296 3334 (direct line)
Fax:(+47) 2296 3050 Institute home page: http://met.no/

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