[R] data manipulation docs

Larry Howe larry.howe at comjet.com
Thu May 4 16:42:51 CEST 2006

On Thursday May 4 2006 10:20, Federico Calboli wrote:
> The reason I am asking is that I have a number of data frames/matrices
> containg genetic data. The data is in a character form, as in:

Take a look at the Bioconductor project: "Bioconductor is an open source and 
open development software project for the analysis and comprehension of 
genomic data." http://www.bioconductor.org/

> This whole game is getting excedingly time consuming and frustrating,
> because I end up with random pieces of code that I save, patching a
> particular problem, but difficult to be 'abstracted' for a new task, so
> I get back close to square one annoyingly often.

This sounds like a software engineering problem, not an R problem. Does 
Imperial have a computer science dept.? Maybe they could advise on software 
engineering techniques.

Larry Howe

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