[R] [R-pkgs] twang - Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups

Ridgeway, Greg gregr at rand.org
Thu Jun 29 22:50:20 CEST 2006

The Toolkit for Weighting and Analysis of Nonequivalent Groups (twang
1.0) has been released to CRAN. The package collects functions useful
for computing propensity score weights for treatment effect estimation,
developing nonresponse weights, and diagnosing the quality of those
weights. The package includes a vignette containing some basic theory
and walks through two examples. It is available by typing
at the R prompt after loading the library.

Background on the methodology with an application to evaluating drug
treatment programs is available in

McCaffrey, D., G. Ridgeway, A. Morral (2004). "Propensity score
estimation with boosted regression for evaluating adolescent substance
abuse treatment," Psychological Methods 9(4):403-425.


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