[R] cat and positioning of the output

Dan Gunter dkgunter at lbl.gov
Thu Jun 29 22:33:57 CEST 2006

=?ANSI_X3.4-1968?Q?J=3Frn_Schulz?= wrote:
> Hello R users!
> I like to use cat in a loop. I know, loops are not the best way in R ... but
> my question: It is possible to overwrite the expression "Reading row: i" in
> each iteration of the loop (print out in the below loop on the screen) or
> more particulary to overwrite the counter "i".
> for(i in 1:header$M){
>    cat("Reading row: ", i)
>    SparseIndex[[i]] <- readBin( con, integer(), n=MIndexNumber[i], size=4 )
>    SparseSignal[[i]] <- readBin( con, numeric(), n=MIndexNumber[i], size=4 )
> }
> Many thanks
> J?rn Schulz.
On a UNIX terminal, adding '\r' will cause the cursor to go back to the 
beginning of the same line. I can't speak for Windows.


for ( i in 1:10 ) { cat("Number",i,"\r"); Sys.sleep(1) }; cat("\n")


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