[R] Running R

Pramod Anugu pramod.r.anugu at jsums.edu
Thu Jun 29 15:09:20 CEST 2006

Thank you Andy for your suggestion. I used the  method 2 and was able to go
upto Step 8. But When I type R

# R
Fatal error: unable to open the base package
1.  Tell configure exactly where to find the readline header files (by
something like --with-readline=/where/the/files/are, check configure
2.  Compile R without readline; i.e., configure --with-readline=no.

   1. gunzip  R-patched.tar.gz
   2. tar -xvf R-patched.tar
   3. changed the directory to the newly created directory R-patched
   4. Typed ./configure 
   5. Typed make 
   6. Make check 
   7. make check-all 
   8. Typed make install 
   *9. Typed R

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