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Nordlund, Dan (DSHS) NordlDJ at dshs.wa.gov
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> Hi there,
> I just saw your question on the help list and tough you could help me with
> some start-up info....
> I just downloaded the R project software to try running SEM analysis and I
> also downloaded the SEM package. But it just sits there on the desktop and
> R
> does not know where it is...I can¹t figure out how to organize the
> files...When I type ?sem in R it says object sem not found...I can¹t seem
> to
> find help on the web on how to set-up the packages....
> Well, thanks in advance
> __________________
> Patrick Bedard Ph.D.
> Dept. of Neuroscience
> Brown University


You didn't specify what platform or OS you are working on, but whatever you
are using you need to install the sem package before you can use it. For me
on either WinXP Pro or Linux (SuSE10.0), the easient way to install a
package is to start up R and then type 

  > install.packages()

This will pop up window to select a package repository.  You will then be
given a list of packages from which to select.  Selected packages will be
download and installed. (You can also install the file you already
downloaded - see the docs)

Then to use the installed package you need to load it with the command

  > library(sem)

You will then be able to use the functions from the sem package.  There is
lots of documentation in the manuals included with the R software.  You
should read them along with the FAQ.  These can all be found with  your R
installation or you can read them on your nearest CRAN mirror.

Hope this is helpful,


Daniel J. Nordlund
Research and Data Analysis
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
Olympia, WA  98504-5204

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