[R] R project question (SEM)

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Wed Jun 28 22:03:16 CEST 2006

Dear Patrick,

It's hard to know how to help since you provide very little specific
information. For example, what OS are you using -- Windows, Mac OS,

Packages such as sem have to be installed before they are usable, and
even then ?sem won't provide you with information before the package is
loaded via library(sem).

You might start by reading the Introduction to R manual that comes with
R. Among other things, it explains how to install packages. Under
Windows, for example, the easiest way to proceed if you have an active
Internet connection is via the "Packages -> Install package(s)" menu in
the R console.

I hope this helps,

On Wed, 28 Jun 2006 15:53:55 -0400
 Patrick Bedard <Patrick_Bedard at brown.edu> wrote:
> Hi there, 
> I just saw your question on the help list and tough you could help me
> with
> some start-up info....
> I just downloaded the R project software to try running SEM analysis
> and I
> also downloaded the SEM package. But it just sits there on the
> desktop and R
> does not know where it is...I can¹t figure out how to organize the
> files...When I type ?sem in R it says object sem not found...I can¹t
> seem to
> find help on the web on how to set-up the packages....
> Well, thanks in advance
> __________________ 
> Patrick Bedard Ph.D.
> Dept. of Neuroscience
> Brown University
> 	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]

John Fox
Department of Sociology
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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