[R] compare odds ratios

Smith, Daniel (DHS-DEODC-EHIB) DSmith2 at dhs.ca.gov
Wed Jun 28 18:44:39 CEST 2006

You could try a test for heterogeneity of the odds ratios, usually part
of a Mantel-Haenszel analysis, with each test as a stratum.  Also, the
field of meta-analysis has tests for heterogeneity of estimates.  Both
are covered in Rothman and Greenland's Modern Epidemiology (1998) text,
Chapters 15 and 32 respectively.  

Daniel Smith
Environmental Health Investigations Branch
California Department of Health Services

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> Hi dear all, I haven't heard any suggestions on how to
> tackle the problem in my previous email yet. I
> searched on google and was not getting any useful
> information yet. I did get someone from google groups
> suggesting Cockran Mantel Haenszel test with each
> subject as the stratum. But as far as I understand,
> CMH test is to test whether the common odds ratio
> (assuming odds ratios across stratum are equal) is
> equal to 1, not really the question I was asking which
> was whether the 2 odds ratios were equal (doesn't
> matter if they are equal to 1). Also, someone
> suggested loglinear regression, but I am not sure
> either how to set things up for my problem.
> One clarification to my original email: the 2
> diagnostic tests were performed on the set set of
> patients, the issue here how to test whether the 2
> odds ratios for the 2 diagnostic tests are equal.
> Here is a hypothetical dataset, for example:
> dat<-
> 0,24))),test2=sample(c(rep(1,14),rep(0,21))))
> Hope some statistical experts would guide me some
> directions. Many thanks
> **************************************

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