[R] R Reporting - PDF/HTML mature presentation quality package?

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The R2HTML package does have a driver for sweave (see help for
RweaveHTML).  This allows you to write an HTML file and add the R
commands you want (use <<>>=, @ combinations to indicate R commands and
<Sexpr r-code> for inline replacement), then process it with sweave and
have a final HTML file (and possibly additional graphic files for the
links) with the R output included. 

Is this what you were looking for?

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I heartily second Phillipe's response. I just started a new job and the
first thing required was a neat stats report for a dataset. I thought I
would give R2HTML a try and about 5 minutes after downloading it, I was
looking at the first draft of the report. I did have to do a bit of
hacking on the graphics, but it was easy and I can now present the
report first thing in the morning. Had I not been able to do this, I
probably would have been told, "You'll have to use SPSS."

I was so impressed by R2HTML that I began writing a primitive HTML
generator that will scan an R script and do something like R2HTML. I
couldn't find anything like this as the svMisc package seems to have
disappeared. If anyone knows of something like this or is working on it,
I'd appreciate knowing about it.


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