[R] About filled.contour function

Joerg van den Hoff j.van_den_hoff at fz-rossendorf.de
Mon Jun 26 10:27:48 CEST 2006

Prodromos Zanis wrote:
> Dear R-projects users
> I would like like to ask if there is any way  to produce a multipanel plot
> with the filled.contour function. In the help information of filled
> contour it is said that this function is restricted to a full page
> display.
> With kind regards
> Prodromos Zanis
`filled.contour' sets up a 2-by-1 grid (for colormap and image) using 
the `layout' function, hence a prior setup of a multipanel layout would 
be (and is) destroyed by the `filled.contour' call.

you might edit a copy of `filled contour' to modify the `layout' call 
(e.g. to set up a 2-by-2 grid where only the upper row is used by the 
plots generated in filled contour). I tried this very shortly before 
answering but it seems that only 'within' the filled.contour copy one 
has access to the other subplots, after return from the function plot 
focus is again in subplot no. one --no time to check this further. in 
any case  along this line one should be able to enforce multiple 
subplots where 2 of them are used by the modified `filled.contour'


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