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Cleber N. Borges cborges at iqm.unicamp.br
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for the printer

1 - The best choice of  graphics format is postscript ( PS )  in
Microsoft ( M$ ), since you install the M$ Convert Pack [1]!
Make a preview in PS file with EMF format! use epstool for this

2 - Enhanced MetaFile ( EMF ) in M$ and OpenOffice ( OOo) is not the
same... This can be a problem! See pstoedit page [2]

3 - In OOo, I use the EPS file with the follow procedure:
      - save my graphic in PS
      - make to use de EPSTOOL for to produce EPS ( ps with tiff 
) -> preview is a tiff graphic with low quality

*note:  emf can be also to included for preview

      - I need a PS-printer... in the case of NO-ps-printer, the 
(low quality) will be printed! { :-(  }, then, I make a PDF final 
with ExtendendPDF!

      - this procedure also work in the M$-Word

Cleber N. Borges {klebyn}

[1] -

[2] - http://www.pstoedit.net/pstoedit

[3] - http://www.3bview.com/epdf-home.html

Marc Bernard wrote:

>Dear All,
>  I am looking for the best way to use graphs from R (like xyplot, curve ...)   for a presentation with powerpoint. I used to save my plot as pdf and after to copy them as image in powerpoint but the quality is not optimal by so doing.
>  Another completely independent question is the following: when I use "main"  in the  xyplot, the main title is very close to my plot, i.e. no ligne separate the main and the plot. I would like my title to be well distinguished from the plots.
>  I would be grateful for any improvements...
>  Many thanks,
>  Bernard,
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