[R] PowerPoint - eps not suitable

Michael H. Prager Mike.Prager at noaa.gov
Fri Jun 23 20:02:49 CEST 2006

Previous posters have argued for EPS files as a desirable transfer 
format for quality reasons.  This is of course true when the output is 
through a Postscript device.

However, the original poster is making presentations with PowerPoint.  
Those essentially are projected from the screen -- and screens of 
Windows PCs are NOT Postscript devices.  The version of PowerPoint I 
have will display a bitmapped, low-resolution preview when EPS is 
imported, and that is what will be projected.  It is passable, but much 
better can be done!

In this application, I have had best results using cut and paste or the 
Windows metafile format, both of which (as others have said) give 
scalable vector graphics.  When quirks of Windows metafile arise (as 
they can do, especially when fonts differ between PCs), I have had good 
results with PNG for line art and JPG for other art.


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