[R] Testing for Significance Between Logistic Regressions

Justin Rapp justin.rapp at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 18:28:07 CEST 2006

This is more of a statistics question with implementation implications.

I have used R to calculate logistic regressions for various
characterstics.  I would now like to verify that the difference
between a particular subset is significantly different from the
logistic regression of the entire set.

I have a logistic regression containing every running back drafted
between 1980-2000.  I have created an object, logistic.glm.  I also
have an object, sec.glm, that contains only players from the SEC.    I
am curious into determining whether or not the difference between the
two is sigificant.

Subquestion 1:  Can I do this for each of the coefficents, beta0 and
beta1, individually?  i.e there may be a statistically signicant
difference in the intercept but not in the rate of decay as a function
of my independent variable

Subquestion 2:  Can the same method of testing differences in
regressions be applied to linear regressions?

Thanks in advance for everyone's time and help.


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