[R] command line boa problems...

Martyn Plummer plummer at iarc.fr
Fri Jun 23 15:46:15 CEST 2006

You need to give the file name in quotes. If you do not, R will look for
an object of that name in your work space. Note that the error message
is "object practice not found", not "file practice.txt not found."

You might also need to give the file extension, if this is not added by
the boa.importASCII function.

What's wrong with coda anyway? Just curious.


On Fri, 2006-06-23 at 09:35 -0400, Evan Cooch wrote:
> Greetings -
> For a number of reasons, I'm moving from CODA to BOA - and I have one or 
> two really basic, boa-newbie questions. While I have the 'menu-driven' 
> version of boa working fine (most recent version, running under R 2.3.1 
> on a Windows machine), for the life of me I can't seem to get some basic 
> boa.xxxx command-line functions to work at all. Even things like 
> boa.version() or boa.license() return errors. But, boa.init() and other 
> functions seem to work fine.
> At this stage, I'd be happy getting the first - fairly key - function to 
> work - boa.importASCII. My MCMC sample data are in a flat ASCII file 
> (white-space delimited), called practice.txt. There are two columns in 
> the file (iteration number, parameter value), both labeled in the first 
> row of the file (as per instructions in the boa documentation). I know 
> the file is formatted OK, because I can import and play with it 
> successfully using the boa.menu() approach. But, for some reason, 
> boa.importASCII won't touch it.
> Suppose the file is on my desktop (remember, windows machine)
> I've tried all the variuous front-slash, back-slash, double-slash etc. 
> combinations I can think of...
> boa.importASCII(practice,"c:\documents and settings\eg7\desktop")
> boa.importASCII(practice,"c:\\documents and settings\\eg7\\desktop")
> boa.importASCII(practice,"c:/documents and settings/eg7/desktop")
> boa.importASCII(practice,path="c:/documents and settings/eg7/desktop")
> boa.importASCII(practice,path="c:\\documents and settings\\eg7\\desktop")
> and so on...and so on...in each case, boa.importASCII reports that
> Error in paste(prefix, boa.par("ASCIIext"), sep = "") :
>        object "practice" not found
> or something to that effect - basically, practice.txt isn't being found.
> Help! 
> Thanks!

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