[R] Eclipse plugin for R code submit to Rserve available (Alpha)

Friedrich Schuster mail at friedrich-schuster.de
Wed Jun 21 21:21:45 CEST 2006

Hello R-users and developers,

This is the announce of a new Eclipse plugin for R.

It is in its "early" (alpha) stage. It's GPL, source code is provided with the 
The update site is ready for install with eclipse 3.1 at :

If you're interested, please read the feature list below or go to 

Friedrich Schuster (mail_at_friedrich-schuster.de)



The Rsubmit plugin executes selected R source code from within an editor 
window. The code is passed to a (local or remote) Rserve session and the 
output is streamed back to eclipse.


    * Submit of selected code segments in opened files or whole text (if 
nothing is selected) from an editor
    * Connects to local Rserve sessions or Rserve on a remote host.
    * Supports different configurations for code submit
    * Keeps workspace elements, supports incremental code submit
    * Is able to displays output from a local Rserve session in console window
    * Is (partially) able to display output from a remote Rserve session in 
console window
    * Output of remote sessions is (or should be) displayed incremental and in 
(near) real-time. Well, at least it worked in the runtime workbench. The 
writing to the eclipse console window (in "normal" eclipse mode) seems to be 
buffered, so there is not always a immediate reacton to new R output.


    * eclipse 3.1 (3.0 does / should not work)
    * An R installation. Get it from: R Project for Statistical Computing 
    * Installed Rserve (http://stats.math.uni-augsburg.de/Rserve/)
    * Please start the Rserve session before connection from the plugin! 
(Currently the connection will not restart after an error).
    * There seems to be an issue with JDK 1.5. It works with 1.4.2. Please try 
and report errors to me.


Friedrich Schuster

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