[R] hello Excel... (native/Package/BETA)

Rainer M Krug rkrug at sun.ac.za
Wed Jun 21 09:02:21 CEST 2006

Hans-Peter wrote:
> Dear list members
> I am pleased to annonce that I have just finished a native Excel
> reader/writer. It's wrapped up in two packages: either "xlsReadWrite" (open
> source) or the slightly beefed-up "xlsReadWritePro" (shareware). Working
> with Excel data is now as easy as writing read.xls and write.xls.
> Some more details:
> - Infos and download: http://treetron.googlepages.com
> - for detailed documentation pls. download and see: help files, DESCRIPTION
> and README.
> - I set up a newsgroup for technical questions and feedback:
> http://groups.google.ch/group/supportR
> - while it could be ported to other platforms, currently it is WINDOWS only
> (see technical below)

If I understand it right, the the flexcel library includes the
components for kylix as well - therefore I would try to compile it for
Linux, I would suggest to use CrossKylix to compile it.



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