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Thanks for humbling yourself to my level and not answering my question.

If object is user defined is:
 the same thing as

You know I have self taught myself: Visual Basic, PL/SQL, C++, Matlab
and I'm not a programmer.  

In these programs I help beginners all the time with the dumb easy to
find questions because the first few months of working with a new
language can be overwhelming even when the answer is staring you in the

I have been in R less than a month and I only have time to spend maybe
20 minutes a day with it.  I have about five manuals sitting on my desk
that I thumb through while surfing the internet trying to figure things

Asking about the $ sign is a basic question, but until I have spent at
least 400 or so hours with the program I'm not going to know how to help
myself.  I go through this every time I learn a new piece of software
and every time comments like yours come up.  For the most part I'm sure
most of the questions that come up in the list-serve can be answered
independently if enough independent digging is done.  The purpose of the
list-serve is to aid and speed up the learning process.

You know in about six months or a year I'm sure I will be up to speed
and making contributions and then I will be helping to answer the $ sign
questions so that they can be up to speed also and contribute.

In the beginning it's helpful just to know where the resources are so
one can begin to get a feel for how to help their self.

Patrick Burns showed me where S Poetry was, being a newbie I had no idea
what are where that was, now I do.

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Davis, Jacob B. wrote:
> If object is user defined is:
> object$df.residual
> the same thing as
> df.residual(object)
> This is my first time to encounter the $ sign in R, I'm new.  I'm
> reviewing "summary.glm" and in most cases it looks as though the $ is
> used to extract some characteristic/property of the object, but I'm
> positive.
> Thanks
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`$' is for list component extraction. this is really very basic and, for

  once (I usually don't like this answer...),  looking at the very first

pages of the very first manual, would be not so bad an idea:

http://cran.r-project.org/  --> Manuals --> An Introduction to R

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