[R] rcor.test keeping column names

Damion Colin Nero dcn208 at nyu.edu
Tue Jun 20 14:49:41 CEST 2006

I have been using the function rcor.test in the ltm package and have
been trying to use it for p-values of pairwise correlations using the
pearson correlation .  However when I call the p-values from the output
it gives me back a number index instead of the row names (I transposed
the columns and rows to compare genes and not columns) which shows up as

column.number column.number p-value  

Is there anyway to get out an output that looks like

column.name1 correlation p-value column.name2

for each pairwise comparison or at least to get

column.name1 column.name2 p.value

Damion Nero
Plant Molecular Biology Lab
Department of Biology 
New York University

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