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vincent at 7d4.com vincent at 7d4.com
Mon Jun 19 12:37:43 CEST 2006

Peter Dalgaard a écrit :

> vincent at 7d4.com writes:
>>Dear R-users,
>>When a function f1() is called, is there a way to know,
>>from inside the function f1(), if f1() is directly called from the
>>R console, or indirectly from another function f2() ?
>>Of course, I may add an argument to f1(..., callbyf2=FALSE) only used
>>by f2() giving explicitely this info, but I would like to know
>>if there may be a more generic way ?
>>Thanks for any info or pointer
> You can always query via sys.status/sys.call/sys.function etc. Or, if
> the issue is whether the call is from the command line: 
>   identical(parent.frame(), globalenv())
> However, it does look a bit like unsound programming practice. Why do
> you perceive a need to do this?

I have some functions which may :
1/ either be called directly by the user thru the R console,
to obtain only an information concerning a unique argument,
In this case, I sometimes like to get *detailed* information
about the results : date(), file info, etc
2/ either be called from inside a for loop in a function f2()
passing in review a long list of arguments,
f(arg1),f(arg2),..., f(argn)
and summarizing the results
In this case, I don't want to see the details 100 times.

But my question was also simply for a better R knowledge.

interactive() seems nice.
Thanks for the info.

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